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Table of Contents:

Board of Directors - List of Officers

Board Member Duties

Discipline (Cumulative Cards)

By-Laws (Downloads page)

List of Officers - 2013 MMMSL Board of Directors:

Board Member elections are held at MMMSL League Meeting.

If you have questions concerning the league, please contact any one of the MMMSL Board Members listed above.

table of contents

Board Member Duties:

The President shall conduct the meetings, call special meetings, appoint standing committees or other committees, represent the MMMSL to the Greater Lansing Area Soccer Referees Association, and represent the MMMSL to the Michigan Soccer Association. The President shall convene disciplinary hearings for all matters outside the jurisdiction of the Vice-Presidents.

The Vice-President of each division shall perform the following duties for their division: set the season schedule, schedule fields, convene disciplinary hearings, and assist the Secretary with game report, player pass, or other game-related issues.

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording all league correspondence, for recording the minutes of all meetings, and for notifying members of regular and special meetings. The Secretary shall receive and process all game reports. The Secretary or their designate shall maintain a web site for the MMMSL.

The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all income and expenditures of the league and pay bills as necessary, shall account for and collect fees from teams, and shall be responsible for maintaining the league's non-profit status.

The Registrar shall be in charge of all matters relating to the registration of players and the creation of player passes, shall maintain a database of currently registered players on each member team, and shall insure that no player is permitted to register except in accordance with the rules of the MMMSL and of the MSA.

In addition to the above duties, the Board of Directors shall:

  • Maintain the By-Laws - the By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all member teams.
  • Define and compile rules for league play
  • Administer discipline against players as needed

table of contents

Discipline for Cumulative Cards:

The MMMSL will use the following point system to track cumulative yellow and red cards within a division:

  1. Yellow Card = 1 point
  2. Yellow Card + Red Card (2nd Yellow) = 2 points + next game suspension
  3. Red Card for deliberate hand ball to stop a goal or deliberate foul to stop a goal = 2 points + next game suspension
  4. Red Card for any offense not listed in #3 = 3 points + next game suspension
  5. Yellow Card + Red Card (straight Red for foul in #3) = 3 points + next game suspension
  6. Yellow Card + Red Card (straight Red for foul in #4) = 4 points + next game suspension

The suspensions for cumulative points will be as follows:

  • 3 points = 1 game
  • 6 points = 2 games
  • 9 points = 3 games
  • 12 points = 8 games or remainder of season, whichever is longer

Cumulative points do not carry over from one season to the next. However, if a player is under suspension at the end of a season, the player must serve the balance of their suspension at the beginning of the next season. If the player changes divisions from one season to the next, then the suspension will be served in the new division.

Example #1 - a player gets a yellow card in games 1, 2, and 5. The player would be suspended from game 6 (cumulative points - 3 points).

Example #2 - a player gets a straight red card in game 4 for spitting on an opponent. The player would be suspended from game 5 (red card) and from game 6 (cumulative points - 3 points).

Example #3 - a player gets two yellow cards in game 8. The player would be suspended from game 9 (red card) and would have 2 points. In game 11, the same player gets another yellow card. The player would be suspended from game 12 (cumulative points - 3 points).

table of contents