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The MMMSL is sanctioned by the Michigan Soccer Association and by USSF. This page is intended for the league officials (referees). Officials should print this page and bring it to each game as reference.

If the information on this page does not correspond with the information from the, please notify your Referee scheduler.

Points of Emphasis


  1. Each team shall provide a legible game report/team roster, player passes, and $70.00 (Open/Over-30,Over-40, 11 v 11) or $60.00(Over-40, 8 v 8). The fee is reduced by 1/3 if only two referees show up or by 2/3 if only one referee shows up.
  2. Each player must have an embossed MMMSL player pass.
  3. Missing Player Passes - if any player does not have a player pass, they can participate by writing and signing their name on the game report form. However, a valid player pass must be presented before the end of the game. If a player pass is not presented, please make a note on the game report.
  4. The home team shall provide a stamped, addressed envelope for the game reports, a game ball, and corner flags. In the event of a jersey color conflict, the home team shall provide an alternate.
  5. A team must forfeit if the team does not provide a completed game report/team roster form. The MMMSL urges officials to enforce this strictly!!
  6. Center Referee mails both game reports and the player passes for any red-carded players to MattWilliams 2280 Keller Road, Holt, MI 48842 using an addressed stamped envelope provided by the home team. Please mail within 24 hours of the game.

Forfeits, Weather, and Payment:

  1. The game is forfeited if a team does not have enough eligible players by 15 minutes after the official starting time. Please return the fee to the team that did not forfeit. The forfeiting team must pay the full $140.00 (Open/Over-30/Over-40 11 v 11) or $120.00 (Over-40, 8v8) fee. The MMMSL will ensure that this fee is paid even if the forfeiting team does not pay at the field.
  2. Lightning and/or Thunder - game to be suspended until 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning. If the maximum stoppage time exceeds 45 minutes, the remainder of the game is cancelled. More details on Lightning and/or Thunder can be found on GLASRA Website.
  3. Terminated Match - if a scheduled match is terminated at the field for any reason either prior to the start of play or before its completion, the referee(s) present at the match shall receive full payment.

Rules of Play - USSF rules are followed with the following points of emphasis:

Match Length and Substitutions

  1. Open , Over-30, and Over 40 (11 V 11): A match shall last 2 equal periods of 45 minutes with a 10-minute half time.
    Over 40 (8 V 8): A match shall last 2 equal periods of 40 minutes with a 10-minute half time. games will be played at Mid-size fields

    Officials should use discretion to shorten the\ periods or half time if the game is running late.

  2. Substitution: all divisions
    ** Prior to a throw-in, both teams can sub if the team with possession is ready to sub; otherwise, the team that doesn't have possession can't sub.
    ** Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
    ** After a goal is scored by either team.
    ** After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.
    ** At half time
    ** After a Yellow card. The carded player(s) may be substituted (Up to the team manager), and if substituted, the opposing team may substitute 1 for 1

  3. Officials are urged to be aggressive about issuing cautions for dissent.

For the Over-40 Division ONLY:

  1. Games will be played on smaller fields with 8 v 8 and larger fields for 11 v 11.
  2. Officials are urged (but not required) to treat all sliding tackles as unsporting behavior and to issue a caution to the offending player. The MMMSL has a gentlemen's agreement to refrain from slide-tackling in the Over-40 division.